Health Tips for Women

It is a common question for all middle aged women that how to maintain and prevent them from diabetes, blood pressure and related diseases. Following are the most common question from the women who reaches their 40+.

What are the important vitamins to improve health system and prevent from bone related problem? Vitamin D is a most important vitamin which must be consumed in regular basis by 35+ aged women. Vitamin D is the source which allows human health system to accept plenty of calcium from intakes. This calcium helps your bone and strengthens it, prevent it from injuries. Calcium level could be identified by normal blood checkup at the stage of 40s.

Vitamin D, Calcium, magnesium and Omega 3 are important for women. When it comes to Vitamin D, it has various functionalities and health factors in it. It acts as better immune system, helps to prevent from muscle pain and injuries, balance the nerve systems etc.

Standing at least 20 minutes on direct sunlight in morning and evening is the best way to get Vitamin D. Consuming reasonable amount of Fishes will give plenty of Vitamin D. But people who doesn’t care about their food habit properly or people who are vegetarian will not get enough Vitamin D.

Such a people should consult with their family doctor and consume sufficient Vitamin D by means of tablet or veggies which have plenty of vitamin D factors to avoid critical chronic issues and other health issues in future.

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