Major Symptoms of Muscle Pain:

Muscle pain is the common reaction of too much body work out, failure to plan proper workout, overdoing in gym. However the common source of all kind of muscle pain is overdoing works which is not routine one. It happens when the muscle is being used often or regularly but not regularly. It can be also defined as when the proper workout is not performed in a proper posture especially in neck & shoulder area.


How to relieve Muscle Sore:

  • Gentle massage on the painful muscle will give instant & long time relief from ache.
  • Avoid over workout; take a proper rest after every workout.
  • Have a nutrition rich liquid food post workout. Protein & carbohydrates combination will help us to regains energy.
  • Concentrate more on protein supplements, and carbohydrates rich supplements such as oranges and pineapple.
  • Avoid lifting weight beyond capabilities. Gradually increase the weight lifting in workouts rather than increasing at a stretch.
  • Keep on workout regularly
  • Drink plenty of water regularly
  • Gently massage with ice cubes & heat
  • Always give a proper stretch to the muscles before commencing with workouts. This will definitely help to avoid muscle aches.

Note: all the above tips must be commenced with the guidelines of experts. Self-treatment for muscle soreness may cause severe problem some times. So it is always advisable to consult with the pain management specialists.

We must keep on mind that all the muscle pain is not related to severe injuries. It use to happen often for the person who workouts regularly and for long time daily. This kind of muscle sores don’t require medical treatment or relevant attention as it will go on its own soon.

The common way to get rid of muscle pain is taking caution experiments & home remedies. But the usual muscle ache will definitely move off in a two or three days. If the pain continuing even after 3 days it definitely required physician advice to make sure the problem is not severe.

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