Protein Intake for Bone Health

As a whole most of the bone injuries and fractures happen due to lack of bone favors. Low nutrition and low protein factors in bone increases the risk factors day by day as we all getting older. Pertain controversial has been sticking with the protein intake and bone metabolism among the scientists from the earlier days.

protein and bone health

The reason behind this controversial is the excess amount of protein would cause urinary calcium loss, negative calcium balance and bone loses its calcium in the young & older men and women. On the other hand the protein deficiency has been suspected to be a risk of bone loss and osteoporosis issue. Improper dietary protein intake with bone loss can increase the risks of postmenopausal that are under the risk of developing osteoporosis.

When it comes to higher protein diet it should include high level calcium, potassium and magnesium intake. Researchers shown the influences factor of calcium is associated with dietary protein and BMD as their research result.

Under various researches the higher calcium absorption proven with higher dietary protein whereas the calcium intake was 600-800 milligrams. The significant amount of protein intake will also help to higher the amount of IGF-1 in bone which helps the positive relationship between dietary protein and bone mass.

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