Spinal Anatomy and Back Pain

Spinal anatomy is an intricate stage of bones and nerve roots. Once the back pain starts many intricate problems will be started and a person couldn’t able to live his real life.

Basic anatomy causes are:
Neck pain:

The cervical spine system supports head’s weight and protects the nerves of the head which comes directly from brain. The small seven vertebral bones provide more rotation which is located in this spine. Most of the acute pain happens due to muscle pain, strain and sudden force, sleeping in wrong position. There is a chance of getting severe neck pain if the pain remains even more than three months.

Upper back pain:

Upper back pain can make severe disorders and discomfort when it comes as this is not a common spinal disorder. Upper back pain can happen when there is an injury on the upper back also the muscular irritation is the most common cause for upper back pain. Generally thoracic spine and cervical spine are different in form and functions.

Lower back pain:

Lower back has huge possibilities to suffer by pain problem as the part carries most load with less supported system. The bony lumbar spine protects the spinal cord from an injury. The spinal cord is composed by various nervous tissues that help to extend the spinal column from brain.

lower back pain


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