Tips to relieve back pain during pregnancy:

There is no wonder if the woman getting back pain during her maternity period. This is due to the changes in center of gravity also the hormones will start to relax ligaments of pelvis. Lower back pain is most common during pregnancy but often women can feel in upper back, shoulder, neck and joints. Taking few tips on consideration could avoid certain back pains.

1.Don’t sit or Stand too Much:

Sitting and standing on a straight position for long time will make joints especially spinal very weak during pregnancy. As the baby growing up center of gravity will move forward out of body which makes back muscle spoil sure. Making good posture exercise will definitely relax the back-pain-during-pregnancymuscle and helps to avoid lower & upper back. But before commencing on any sort of exercise or workouts it is advisable to consult with Pain Management Specialists once. Always sit with very care on the chair which supports your back well. And always consider keeping foot on smaller stool and holding a pillow on lower back

2.Workout With Very Care:

If you work out regularly that’s fine, but take regular monitoring on how your body reacts during maternity. Take each step of workout very careful and gentle. Walking and minor stretches will relax the muscle and avoid pain. But don’t force yourself to walk more if you feel any pain.

3.Don’t Lift Heavy Things:

Do not life objects beyond your capabilities but it is advisable to not lift heavy objects.

4.Sleep on Side with Convenience:

Don’t sleep by supporting your back, always sleep on side. Bent your knees a bit and consider holding pillow always.

5.Take Gentle Massage:

Gentle massage on affected area is a better option for aches. But do not massage deep on the spine area which may disturb contraction stimulation.

6.Avoid Depression and Stress:

Nothing in this world are permanent of course your sorrow too. It is not advisable to worry about the things while you are carrying your baby in you. Be cool always and brave to get out from the things which made you down.

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