Uncommon Causes of Back Pain:

Paget’s disease: It is a most uncommon cause which interrupts normal recycling process of bones. Where the bones can easily fragile as the common process of bone i.e recycling old bones with new ones not happens due to Paget’s disease. Usually this risk increases at older age especially when one of our predecessor have had this issue earlier.


Spinal Infections:

Spinal infections are most uncommon cause factor of lower back pain which could involve and disrupt vertebral bones, spinal canal, intervertebral disc space and adjacent soft tissues etc. All these can be executed by the bacterial or fungal infections on the bones. The infection is speeded and spreads through the bloodstream.

Spinal Tumor:

Spinal tumor is an abnormal mass over or around the spinal cord which cause detectable symptoms muscle weakness, loss of bowel control, cold sensation in feet etc. The spinal tumor could be benign or malignant


Shingles will pass infection to the body of the patient, as a symptom patients will affected by the chicken pox in early stage. Shingle’s rashes will occur any one side of band or strip on the body. Shingles usually affects people above 50. The varicella virus will remain in the body’s nerve after have had chickenpox. This will affect immune system of body and keeps the virus active. HIV patients, cancer patients, person who had organ transplants have more possibilities to get shingles.


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