Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

The mechanism of peripheral nerve stimulator is pretty basic and simple. In a painful neuropathic pain, an electrode is placed along the side of the painful nerve. It is connected to a battery, to provide controlled stimulation. By stimulating the nerve, it tricks the brain to shut down or attenuate painful signals.

Who is the Candidate?


It is ideally most effective in single nerve root injury. It has been successfully used for:

Peripheral Nerve Stimulator Procedural Details


The placement of the peripheral nerve stimulator is a two-step process.

  1. Trial electrodes are placed along the painful nerve by a small surgical incision, and it is connected an external source of programming. It is left in place for 5-7 days as a trial.
  2. If the patient reports more than 50% improvement in his pain, the electrodes are connected to an implantable battery pack that is buried under the skin with a small incision. The new generation of batteries is rechargeable and their life span is up to 9 years.