Pain is an unpleasant subjective feeling that originates from any part of the human body. It also involves all the past experiences of the person, whether due to an organic cause or not. 

Pain management center; it is a center that should be applied for chronic pain that lasts longer than 3 months. In pain centers, pain specialists investigate and treat the cause of pain. 

The department is called “Algology” that deals with pain. Algology is the field of medicine where specialists diagnose, treat and follow-up of pain that lasts a minimum 3 months or more than that..

Generally, doctors treat the following types of pain in the algology department of a pain management center, such as:

The purpose of the science of algology is to restore the quality of life lost by the person due to chronic pain. So, pain center can provide easier diagnosis and treatment services to patients with a wide range of chronic pain.

Anyone who feels chronic pain such as headaches and cancer pain can go to the pain center. Also, people with acute pain can benefit from it. But acute pain is a defence mechanism of the body, a stimulant. It is a message that one should take seriously in order to go to the doctor or pain specialist.

Pain management in a pain center is a team effort and requires a multidisciplinary approach. The indispensable team includes:

Chronic pain

Situation that negatively affects the quality of life of people and disrupts their psychology is chronic pain. You can experience this pain 24/7 and for months. Sometimes you have a psychiatric illness and may feel pain depending on it. 

Generally, a pain specialist treats chronic pain in the pain center. So, you can quickly diagnose and implement a treatment plan with the right team of this center. 

Often times, people with pain go to many specialists for pain manae. They try all methods to relieve their pain. The job of the pain centers is to focus on the pain of these people and to increase the quality of their life by approaching the treatment process with a multidisciplinary approach.

Who can become a pain specialist?

Doctor who treats the pain of a patient is called a pain specialist or an Algologist. In order to become an Algologist, a physician needs to complete a 6-year medical study. 

Does the Level of Pain Matter?

In the treatment performed in the pain center, the severity of the patient’s feeling is very important rather than the level of pain. Because pain is a subjective feeling that varies from person to person. So, the severity of pain the person feels is the severity for pain management center. 

What Does Pain Threshold Mean?

The pain threshold is generally the same in all people, but there may be differences in pain tolerance. If there is a problem that affects the pain threshold, such as a tumour or a disease that affects the nervous system, there may be a problem in reaching the pain in our brain.

In the pain center, doctors treat the pain with different treatment protocols specific to the condition and type of pain. The sense of pain may differ depending on the person, the society in which he was raised. 

As pain is a subjective feeling, it is always unique to the individual. Therefore, it differs greatly from person to person.

Why Do Pains Remain Unresolved?

Pain specialist can help relieve some of the pain, but treating chronic pain is a team effort, and the teamwork is very important for pain management in the pain center. 

With a team of doctors, pain treatment can be successful. For this reason, experienced pain specialists are trained in this field in our country. The pain specialist also offers the best and fastest treatment to the patient with this multidisciplinary approach.

What Kind of Psychology Does Chronic Pain Cause in the Patient?

Chronic pain reduces a person’s quality of life. He starts not doing the things he used to be happy to do. Using drugs constantly, tension, sleep disorders, alienation from society, and disrupting his work if he is working. In fact, pain is a great source of unhappiness. 

Naturally, chronic pain affects the psychology of the person and even his close environment and family. As a result, chronic pain can cause psychological disorders, and some psychiatric conditions which also have an important place among the causes of pain. 

The patient with chronic pain must also be evaluated psychiatrically. For this reason, it is very important to include a psychiatrist in the pain center for pain management.

Will Pain Relief Use Decrease With Pain Treatment?

The main purpose of the pain center is to apply a treatment plan appropriate to the clinical picture of the person. 

Painkillers and anti-depressants are widely used all over the world to manage the pain. So, as the Pain Centers increase, the right painkiller will be used in the right patient, so the unconscious use of painkillers will also decrease.

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