Back pain is one of the most common problems that most people are dealing with and have experienced at least once in their life. Back pain knows no age and may even happen to people under 20 years old, but it often occurs between the ages of 30 and 50. Back pain has various causes.

Sometimes this pain occurs due to damage to the spine and the bones of the lower back. In some cases, it is caused by a lot of work and activity, and the person feels discomfort in his back, in which case, the back pain is usually relieved with a little rest.

In fact, the method of treating this disease and the solution prescribed for it depends on the severity of the pain and damage caused to it. In this section, while introducing the various causes of back pain and its symptoms, we also describe the treatment methods. Stay with us.

Types of back pain

Acute and chronic back pain

Back pain is divided into two categories, acute and chronic, based on the cause of the pain and its duration. Acute back pain is short-term and usually lasts between a few days and a few weeks. Here, the person does not need any special treatment or medicine and will recover only by following the doctor’s recommendations and taking necessary care in this field.

This type of back pain often happens for reasons such as falling from a height, back muscle spasms, stretching or cramping, excessive obesity, and women’s pregnancy.

If back pain continues for a long time, it becomes chronic back pain. In some cases, this type of back pain can be treated with medication and necessary care, but sometimes it requires more serious treatments such as surgery. Chronic back pain occurs due to reasons such as intervertebral discs, tumors, neurological problems, etc. and stays with people for a long time.

Back pain symptoms

Back pain, in addition to pain in the lower back, is accompanied by other signs and symptoms, which are recommended to see a doctor if they occur. These symptoms include:

n addition, if you are in any of the following categories, be sure to see a doctor if you experience pain:

Causes of back pain

The human back, like other parts of the body, has a complex structure and includes various components such as bones, muscles, tendons, discs, and ligaments. Together, these components are responsible for the mobility of this part and for performing various movements.

When one of these components has a problem, it involves the whole system and causes disorders in this part of the body. These problems include stretching of muscles, stretching of ligaments, muscle spasm, etc., which lead to further consequences such as back pain.

Back pain often occurs due to unprincipled behaviors such as lifting heavy objects, falling from a height, or incorrect movements during exercise and the like, which may cause serious injuries to the back. Among the causes of back pain, the following can be mentioned:

Improper sitting: If you sit incorrectly and repeat this for a long time, you will develop back pain over time. This case is also true in the standing type.

Lifting heavy objects: One of the things that is usually not paid attention to and cause irreparable damage to the area is lifting heavy objects. Lifting very heavy objects requires high ability and should be done in a principled way.

Improper sleeping: The position of the body while sleeping is very important. Sleeping badly causes pressure in the lower back and causes pain.

Carrying out the heavy activity: Heavy activity beyond human ability, if done without prior preparation and suddenly, will put pressure on the back and cause muscle cramps and pain.

Professional sports: Sports are one of the activities that are always recommended for body health and vitality. But you must remember to do the exercise according to your ability and under the supervision of the trainer. Heavy and unprepared movements cause muscle cramps and back spasms and can even cause serious damage to your moving parts.

Falling from a height: among other things that cause back pain is falling from stairs, ladders, stools, etc. Falling from a height can cause damage to the bones and locomotor organs.

Treatment of back pain

When a person feels pain in his back, he should see a doctor. The doctor diagnoses the cause of the pain by examining the medical history, examination, tests, photography, etc., and provides the necessary treatment for the patient.

If the back pain is acute, it does not need surgery and is treated with simpler methods such as relaxation and gentle sports movements, medicine, or physiotherapy sessions. In this section, we introduce some of the treatments that doctors recommend to patients to relieve and improve pain.

Hot or cold compresses: One of the suggestions that you encounter when you have back pain is to use hot or cold compresses. The compress reduces pain and helps the patient move.

Massage: One of the best types of treatment to reduce back pain is massage, which is often recommended to patients.

Exercise and stretching: Many people think that when they have back pain, they should rest and not do any activity. But it is not! In most cases, the best thing to do to recover faster is to exercise and stretch.

In these cases, doctors provide patients with a list of sports movements and ask them to devote time to performing these movements daily. Be careful not to exercise arbitrarily and be sure to consult your doctor before starting.

Physiotherapy: Another treatment that is recommended before prescribing medicine is physiotherapy. Physiotherapy helps to strengthen muscles, improve their movement and flexibility, and reduce back pain by correctly placing the body in different positions.

Medicine: If the solutions introduced up to now have no effect in reducing back pain, the doctor uses medicine for relief. These drugs include painkillers, muscle relaxants, ointments and oils, and injectable drugs.

Be sure to consult your doctor before taking over-the-counter medications. These drugs may not be suitable for you and may cause problems. Pregnant women should note that taking medicine during pregnancy can be very dangerous.

Surgery: If the damage to the back is very serious and the mentioned methods do not have an effect on reducing the pain and recovery, back surgery is recommended. Of course, it is necessary to mention that surgery is not successful in all cases and may not have a positive result for the patient. Therefore, it is recommended as a last resort.

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