We all suffer from low back pain at some point in our lives. Most low back pain does not require a visit to a doctor or a pain specialist in McKinney TX. 

The majority of low back pain will go away on its own or with simple methods that you can apply on your own within a few weeks. But if your back pain doesn’t get better within a few weeks or is accompanied by other noticeable symptoms, it’s time to see a doctor. Patients may struggle to find a low back pain doctor in McKinney or Frisco TX.

You can apply to your family doctor as the first choice for low back pain of the simple mechanical character. The family doctor may refer you to a specialist physician to investigate the cause of your complaints and for comprehensive treatment. The first specialist to go to in low back pain is the physical therapy specialist.

When to See a Doctor for Low Back Pain?

If there is numbness or tingling in the leg, if the pain is very severe, if it does not decrease with medications and rest, if the pain has started after a trauma such as falling, if there are problems with urination, if there is weakness in the foot, if there is fever, weight loss.

Who is a Low Back Pain Doctor?

Patients, who want to be examined directly by a specialist for low back pain are asked “Who is a low back pain specialist in McKinney or Frisco TX?” “Which department deals with low back pain?” may falter with questions. 

Diseases that can cause low back pain can fall under several specialties. However, it would be correct to first be examined by a physical therapy and rehabilitation specialist for low back pain complaints. 

In Summary

In this matter, you can contact our Comprehensive Pain Management Center in McKinney, and Frisco TX to remove your pain

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