Specialists in chronic pain

Many back pain patients experience a year-long odyssey from doctor to doctor and one therapy to the next. They often only find help in specialized back pain centers. There are several clinic to treat back pain in McKinney and Frisco TX, but not all of the clinics are good.

What is back pain?

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for visiting a doctor. According to estimates, one in ten people suffers from back pain problems in McKinney TX that require treatment and feels moderately to severely impaired as a result in their everyday lives. Only very few people get a clear diagnosis of the cause of their back pain.

How to manage back pain?

Back pain medication alone is not enough, instead, quite a few patients with chronic back pain only swallow painkillers for their symptoms. However, treatment with medication alone is not enough to get chronic back pain under control in the long term. 

Rather, chronic back pain is usually based on many influencing factors, which make a multimodal therapy concert, i.e. one based on several different treatment approaches, necessary.

Back pain treatment

The various treatment methods must be specifically tailored to the patient in question and used in a coordinated manner according to fixed rules. 

According to the pain expert, success-oriented treatment also requires that the results of the therapy are checked regularly and that the therapists involved are in constant exchange of information with each other and with the patient in order to adjust the therapy if necessary.

What can back pain centers do?

The concept of the back pain center is the interdisciplinary cooperation of various pain specialists under one roof, the so-called integrated care of those affected in specialized pain centers in McKinney and Frisco TX.

Some clinics aim to offer people with statutory health insurance who have been undergoing medical treatment for a long time because of persistent back pain, who have been unable to work for at least four weeks and who are not pain-free. 

In a four to eight-week intensive program, those affected undergo various forms of therapy and are individually cared for by general practitioners and specialists, pain therapists, psychotherapists and physiotherapists. 

Pain medication and muscle relaxants are tailored to the individual case and combined with behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques and training to improve coordination, strength and endurance.

In the case of treatment outside the pain centers, experience has shown that only a good third of patients return to work after being unable to work for more than three months. One reason, according to pain specialists, is the fact that pain therapy outside of centers is often not consistently completed. The frustrated patients then fled to the next treatment.

In Summary

The treatment is intensive and time-consuming and requires some effort from the patient. However, this is also necessary. 

Behaviors learned during therapy must be reinforced through repeated training so that they remain effective after treatment is completed. But the effort is always worth it: in the end, a return to professional activity beckons.

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