Pain that remains in the body for more than three months is called chronic pain. Many pains continue for weeks, months, or even years. Chronic pain can occur anywhere in your body. These pains can be very mild or severe enough to interfere with daily activities.

The nature of the pains can be burning and vague or stabbing and sharp. With increasing age, the prevalence of chronic pain increases, especially if there are underlying diseases, the prevalence of pain increases.

Causes of chronic pain

The causes of chronic pain are on two levels, one part is the primary injury area where mechanical problems and changes in the structure of the anatomical area along with the secretions of chemical mediators cause pain messages, which are controlled by treating the primary injury that is the source of the pain messages.

But sometimes all problems do not end with the removal of the initial damage so that the neural messages of the evoked pain are transmitted over time and reach the cortical area of ​​the brain, and with the passage of time, changes in the chemical mediators of the brain have occurred. Inhibitory mediators are reduced and pain messages are still issued despite the elimination of the primary cause of pain.

Complications of chronic pain

The continuation of the process of chronic pain causes mental and mood problems and causes depression/anxiety, which ultimately causes a decrease in performance and the inability to perform work activities, and a decrease in the quality of a person’s life.

Comprehensive Pain Management Center provides medical services for chronic pains that cause a decrease in the function of the body’s immune system, which can lead to the development and spread of infectious diseases and malignancies and the failure to heal damaged tissues.

Pain Clinic

The Pain Clinic is a treatment center that was established to treat all types of chronic, joint, muscle-bone, spine, cancer, and other types of chronic pain. In the pain clinic, the pain specialist tries to determine the cause and treatment of chronic pain with the help of the clinic and diagnostic measures.

Simple treatment measures in the pain clinic include non-invasive treatments such as the use of high-power lasers, magnets, acupuncture, etc., but a large percentage of pain clinic patients require less invasive or international interventional measures.

Less invasive or intranational actions, as their name implies, cause the least damage to body tissues. These actions are performed in the operating room under sterile conditions and with the guidance of radiology devices, which will be explained.

Diagnostic measures of chronic pain in our collection

First, a detailed medical history is taken, and then clinical tests and examinations are performed. History and physical examination, despite all technological advances in treatment, are still part of the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain diseases.

Treatment steps for chronic pain

Once the diagnosis of the disease is confirmed, the treatment plan (program) necessary to eliminate the underlying disease-causing pain begins. Some of the treatments are non-invasive, which means that the inside of the damaged tissue of the body is not manipulated, and we only stimulate the tissue to regenerate and modulate the activity of pain-generating nerves.

These measures include high-power lasers, magnets, manual therapy, acupuncture, etc. It can be done in a percentage of patients.

But most of the activities are international or less aggressive actions. In international procedures, special equipment such as needles, endoscopes, catheters, etc. are used without surgical incisions, guided by radiology devices (CT scan, fluoroscope, ultrasound), and necessary measures are taken (such as injection of cell growth factors, the opening of spinal canal stenosis, nerve stimulation battery implantation, etc.), and as a result, the cause of disease and pain is removed without the need to split the skin, without the need for general anesthesia, and the natural anatomy of the body is not messed up, and complications tissue destruction is not seen.

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