Who to consult first for your back or muscle pain?

If you are suffering from pain such as muscle pain for a long time, first you need to contact your regular general practitioner. The advantage of going to consult your doctor is that he can identify immediately through his generalist training, if it is a common back pain or, if it proves to be necessary to consult a pain specialist. Also, he has your medical history, visibility on the patient’s file.

An in-depth analysis will allow your general practitioner to establish a diagnosis based on the tests. You should note that if your pain rises to the surface or if the condition worsens, you must first inform your general practitioner (GP). 

After consulting your GP, if necessary, he will refer you to a rheumatologist or a specialist in the relevant field of your problem. All the problems that affect your joints and bones, a rheumatologist can take care of you to solve inflammation of the connective tissues and vessels, as well as all the problems related to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, etc.

Who is the rheumatologist?

The medical specialist in the disease of the bones commonly called “rheumatology”. It is usually defined as the branch of medicine that deals with ailments and complications of the human locomotion system, as well as connective tissues, without forgetting the articular peripheries. 

Most of the time, it is the general practitioner who refers the patient to the rheumatologist unless the patient is usually followed by the rheumatologist for a chronic pathology. 

Rheumatology is the discipline that studies the human skeleton, and by this branch of medicine, you can benefit from examinations to make a diagnosis and to have the treatment adapted to your back pain.

Kinesiologist – other specialists to see

In some cases, you can be referred to a physiotherapist or kinesiologist. He is a rehabilitation professional for patients with a locomotor problem. The latter will be required to perform massages or make you do physical exercises as a treatment. 

It will be a treatment to help you feel better or even cure you, thus helping you to regain control of your locomotor autonomy, but leave the definition of the causes of your back or muscle pain to your attending physician.

Radiologist and Neurologist

It is important for you to approach a radiologist and a neurologist to best circumscribe your back pain. 


Radiology will provide clear imaging of your bone structure. This will allow you a good understanding of the sources of your back pain. 


As for neurology, it will make it possible to check whether your pain comes from disorders of the nervous system. 

At the end of your interview and consultation with these specialists, you will be better informed about the causes as well as the appropriate treatments for your muscle pain.

In Summary

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