In the last century, although mankind has been able to overcome many infectious diseases with the advancement of various sciences, including the pharmaceutical industry and the invention of various vaccines, due to the

A series of diseases in the world has increased significantly compared to the past, among these diseases are spine problems, especially back pain has the highest rate. The main cause of this change in lifestyle from a busy and active life to a sedentary one and sitting behind a desk, and the lack of correct alignment of the body position with this type of life.

In the statistical survey, the prevalence of back pain is about 80%, which means that 80% of the world’s people have experienced back pain at least once, and in industrialized societies, the first manifestation of back pain starts at the age of 30, and it has a faster destructive process.

If you have back pain

Back pain is considered a health problem and no matter what occupation, there is a chance of back pain. which depends on whether the pain is more or less upper back pain lower back pain or side back pain. Some people have pain that becomes an obstacle in their daily life. Back pain is usually not a serious cause and can resolve on its own over time. and can relieve the initial back pain by itself.

To be able to relieve pain at this point you may need to know what causes your back pain, such as muscle spasms. due to inappropriate movement in daily life or overdoing it with exercise or playing sports. There are basic techniques for treating back pain that you can do yourself as follows:

Reduce pain with hot and cold compresses

For some people with early back pain. ice cold compress can help reduce inflammation or swelling by reducing blood flow. Placing an ice pack on the area that has just begun to hurt for up to 48 hours can help reduce pain by placing it on for 20 minutes every 2 hours.

You can also reduce back pain by finding the pain point and applying a hot compress to that area. Because the heat will help the blood vessels to expand. Suitable for chronic pain that comes and goes when the blood vessels expand. It will result in better blood circulation and the pain will be relieved especially after 48 hours.

Lie down with your back flat on the floor, stretching your back muscles

When back pain occurs Look for a mattress that is not too soft and not too hard. But have a flat surface that you can lie down comfortably like a yoga mat, then push your back against the ground. Both arms are attached to the body. Hold the abdominal contraction for about 10 seconds, then rest, then repeat 2-3 times to help the back that is tired and aches back to normal. It helps reduce lower back pain incredibly.

Relieve back pain with massage

Back, waist, and leg pain can be relieved with massage, which can relieve these symptoms on their own. Just use both hands to press and squeeze to help increase blood flow. The glands and organs work better.

Control your weight

Body weight is linked to back pain. Therefore, try to maintain a healthy weight, especially on the abdomen. Because it makes gravity lean more forward, but thin people have a chance of back pain as well. Because of being very thin may increase the risk of osteoporosis. So the best advice is to eat in moderation. and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight

If the pain continues to increase with any of the following symptoms: uncontrollable bowel movements, leg weakness, numbness in the legs, feet, or around the anus; this may be a spinal emergency, such as a herniated disc. or spinal dislocation. Please hurry to consult a spine doctor, and diagnose the cause and receive the right treatment.

What kind of back pain should you seek medical attention for?

Back pain that should be consulted immediately including chronic back pain and affects daily life which often has the following symptoms:

These symptoms are often caused by the spinal disc or spinal joints or posterior ventricles squeezing or pressing on the nerve root that descends into the leg. Therefore, you should consult a doctor for urgent treatment. Another disease of the spine that is more common in the elderly is dorsal stenosis.


We all have back pains. Therefore, they may think that back pain is normal and can go away on their own. But if you have chronic back pain, severe pain, or pain radiating to your legs or feet. have a burning sensation or are unable to stand or walk. These symptoms are probably not just normal back pain. Because this pain may be a warning sign of a different disorder or disease, it is imperative to seek medical attention for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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